Sunday, 18 September 2011

More Football, BonFire at Joes and a little school

Lots to talk about, but ill start with school to get it out of the way. Its pretty different and ill get some photos soon so everyone at home can see. Ive had my first tests and quizzes over the last couple weeks. So much different than NCEA! Loving the multi-choice, its great! Ill talk more about school once I get around to photos.

Its been two weeks since my last post so Varsity has had two games and JV has had one. Varsity had there first away game of the season. We traveled to Brookhaven in Columbus, it was around a two hour drive, luckily I slept the whole way. Unfortunately the game didn't go our way and we lost. JV didnt have a game on Saturday because Brookhaven couldn't make it down to Fairfield. We were at home again the next week, which is always fun! Home games are a blast. We played Sycamore in our first GMC (Greater Miami Conference) game of the year. Unfortunately it didn't go our way again. Since Varsity was at home JV traveled to Sycamore for our game on Saturday, and the result was good. We came out with a 12-6 win! Here are some pictures from the game. Im #77

Later that night I was invited to a Bonfire at my friend Joe's. He plays football as well. It was really fun and I got to meet some new people! We started off just chilling playing some Xbox. Once more people arrived we went out back and played an intense game of backyeard vollyball which got pretty competitive! Once dark we got the fire going and made smores over the fire! Much better than making them in the microwave! The night ended with my first Taco Bell Experience. Here are some pictures.
Brandan playing Chubby Bunnies. I think he got like ten marshmallows in his mouth at once!

Me and my Taco Bell!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last Sunday was also another family fun day Sunday. We watched the Bengals win their first regular season game! Wooohoooo! Marc and I were decked out in our Bengals gear. Unfortunately we didn't get a photo. Will have to get one next time. It was great to watch them win while we ate nachos!

Ill post again soon!

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