Tuesday, 23 August 2011

First Day at Fairfield!

Just had my first day at my new high school, Fairfield High School. Overall the day went well!!!!

Started with a homeroom, followed my schedule to find actually I was in the wrong place so I had to go up to the cafeteria and find out where I was supposed to go! Once I actually got to where I was supposed to go I got settled in and homeroom went pretty well!

First period was Behavioral Studies, I made it to my class without trouble! :) Second I had Street Law again I found the class pretty easily and had fun. My teacher seems really funny! Third was American Government which is a class required by EF. I think it will be really interesting though, we dont learn anything like that in New Zealand. Fourth was Cooking for Healthy Living 1 which I;m excited about, I never got to take food tech at Westlake. Fifth period is the lunch period, its extra long and split into three parts. I have first lunch which means I go straight to lunch and have class after. After lunch is Speech and Script Analysis. I have Script Analysis for the first semester which has been really cool so far! Sixth I have Algebra 2B which is math, and seventh, yes seventh we have seven periods I have Anatomy and Physiology.

Only got lost once today which was great, so I think I'm set for a great year!

Monday, 22 August 2011

Summer in Ohio

After a long walk through the airport I had made it! Deb, Jim and Tyler were waiting by the baggage claim with a balloon of the american flag. Once we got my bag and made it to the car it was breakfast time. We headed off to Bob Evans, a place I had never been before so its definitely a start to my adventure in Ohio! The food was pretty good and everyone was now ready for a nap!

Over the last two or so weeks there have been lots of new things, especially when it comes to food! So far I have been introduced to Rib City, so so so good! If we go there again I need to try the ribs... I had a burger last time. 'B dubs' aka Buffalo Wild Wings again amazing food but I'm yet to try the wings... I have also been introduced to good Mexican food from Qudoba. I had a huge burito a next time I will get a picture for y'all. I have also been introduced to Cincinnati chili from Skyline and Gold Star, and have tried La Rosas a pizza place as well. I am also working my way though the menu as Donato's Pizza (Jim's restaurant) I still have heaps to try!

I have now had three Family Funday Sundays, the first was spent at Loveland Castle in Loveland, OH. It was such a cool place that was build by hand.

School was now getting closer and it was finally time to head into school to pick my classes! This is how my school days will run, First period I will have Behavioral Studies for the whole year. Second period I'll have Street Law for the first semester and PE for the second. Third period will be American Government. Forth will be Cooking for Healthy Living 1 for Semester one and Cooking for Healthy Living 2 for Semester two. Fifth period I have Speech and Scrip Analysis as well as lunch at some point during the extra long period. Sixth I have algebra 2 and I'll be finishing every day with Anatomy and Physiology. I'm am very excited for school to start!!! After I had chosen my classes and had a look around the school I had organized to meet with the Football Coach (American Football) to see if I could join the team. He said he was happy to have me and could I start practicing the next day. So I'll be spending most of my time during the fall at football practice which is everyday after school. Yes I will post photos from football once I have had a chance to take some!

After a hot Tuesday afternoon out in the sun at football, it was time to go and get our newest family member Marc from the airport, he arrived at 10pm after a pretty long flight from Switzerland (mine was longer... just saying). We are now a happy new family!

We have had two Family Funday Sundays since Marc had been here. Our first was a trip north to the Cincinnati Outlet Malls to get our final clothing needs for school. I got a bunch of stuff at pretty low prices which was great! Our second Sunday was a little different... we spent most of it trying to fix the washing machine hahaha.  We all felt it was a necessity to have clean cloths. As boring as it may seem it was actually quite fun and was some good family bonding time!

Today is my last day of summer holidays before school goes back, which I am so excited for! Cant wait to get started and since school is back football games start which is exciting as well!