Sunday, 25 March 2012

Final Four Roadtrip!

Again Im sorry its been a while since Ive last posted an update! Have been pretty busy with Wizard of Oz, which is going great less than a month to opening night which is kinda scary! I have to remember to take some pictures at rehearsal.

Basketball season is now over and as most of you know I have been a huge fan, going to many games. This year our team finished there season off in a great way making it to the state final four, playing in a state semi final game. The winners would go on to play for the state title. Unfortunately our boys were unsuccessful in making it to the championship game but did a great job making it to the last four teams in the tournament. The games were played around two hours north of Fairfield in Columbus, so like many other students Madi, Caitlin, Lexie, Wes and I took a roadtrip north to watch the game which was super fun! We got our of school an hour early on Friday because of the game and after picking everyone up we got on our way. After jamming in the car for a couple hours we made it to Columbus and found a Chipotle to eat at. After having a little adventure getting out of the parking lot we headed off to the stadium for the game. Our student section was so big they sold out of tickets so we ended up sitting up top in a different section. After the game we headed home stopping at IHOP for midnight pancakes before heading home! Here are some pictures from our adventure.

Up front
Crew in the back!
About to go inside
Madi and I :)
In the stands! (My Photography)
In the stands again!
Thats it for now! Ill keep everyone updated when we get closer to Wizard of OZ!