Sunday, 4 September 2011

Friday Night Football and Kings Island

My first Friday at school was another new experience. Thursday night after football practice our jearsys were handed out and that's what we wear to school on Friday (Game Day). This is me before school!

Yes I know our room is a mess but it has gotten cleaner since I took this! Once school was over the team met in the cafeteria for our pre game meal. Once we ate we met with our position coaches to go over a few last minute things. We then headed down to the locker room to get the rest of our uniform and get ready to head over to the stadium. After an intense game, fought right down to the last seconds we lost 24-21 to Beavercreek. On saturday morning it was JV (Junior Varsity) turn to play. Since Varsity played at home we traveled up to Beavercreek for the game. It was another pretty close game but unfortunatly we lost. My second Friday was even better than my first! We again wore our jerseys to school.

This is me and my friend Kristyn who is once of the teams trainers. The game was again a hard fought match but this week we came out on top beating the Piqua Indians 24-21. The next morning JV took the fairly long bus ride up to Piqua. By the time the game started it felt like it was 100 degrees out (around 40 degrees C). At half time the we were down 9-0 but we fought back ending up with a 20-16 win!

I'm loving football! Especially the Friday night games! The atmosphere is amazing with the band, cheerleaders and wild student section! Next week we travel up to Brookhaven in Columbus for Varsity to play their first away game.

The Sunday after my first week of school we had another family fun day. We went to Kings Island, an amusement park in Greater Cincinnati!

Unfortunately we couldn't get someone to take a picture of the whole family but these were close.

It was a great day! Marc and I spent most of the day riding all the rides. My favorite was the "Firehawk"! The picture taken during the ride was so funny we just had to buy it!

Schools going well and Im making lots of friends and football has been great! Ill keep y'all updated when anything exciting comes up again!


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  2. Dreeew! I've been to Kings Island, too! So, cool we're so close! Will you at the meeting on Sunday, too?