Thursday, 10 May 2012

Wizard of Oz and PROM!

So a lot has been going on since my last blog post! Wizard of Oz has been and gone, Prom flew by, and school is now coming to an end. Wizard of Oz was a success and so much fun to be apart of! In total we did six shows over two weekends, and we were even able to basically sell out closing night in our Preforming Arts Center that holds 750+ people! I had so much fun getting back on stage again and preforming! So to anyone that was a part of Wizard that reads this thank you!

Our amazing closing night of Wizard was then followed up by PROM night which was amazing! After getting all dressed up and getting flowers I headed to Madis house for photos before we went to dinner.

Bow Tie and all!

Our Group - Madi and I and Caitlin and Eric

 After photos we headed of to dinner down town at an Italian Restaurant overlooking some of the city. Then we headed off to the dance, which was super fun. It was now time for after prom, so we headed back to Madis to change out of our fancy attire and headed to the high school to continue the fun until 4am. It was the breakfast time at IHOP. After a long but amazing night it was time to head home for some sleep.

I am posting now with four days left of school... Thats right! Four days left of school. Its crazy to think its been 10 months already, I am so grateful to be able to stay through the summer and go back to Bryant Camp as a returnee! So thats all for now folks, ill catch up with y'all soon!

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Final Four Roadtrip!

Again Im sorry its been a while since Ive last posted an update! Have been pretty busy with Wizard of Oz, which is going great less than a month to opening night which is kinda scary! I have to remember to take some pictures at rehearsal.

Basketball season is now over and as most of you know I have been a huge fan, going to many games. This year our team finished there season off in a great way making it to the state final four, playing in a state semi final game. The winners would go on to play for the state title. Unfortunately our boys were unsuccessful in making it to the championship game but did a great job making it to the last four teams in the tournament. The games were played around two hours north of Fairfield in Columbus, so like many other students Madi, Caitlin, Lexie, Wes and I took a roadtrip north to watch the game which was super fun! We got our of school an hour early on Friday because of the game and after picking everyone up we got on our way. After jamming in the car for a couple hours we made it to Columbus and found a Chipotle to eat at. After having a little adventure getting out of the parking lot we headed off to the stadium for the game. Our student section was so big they sold out of tickets so we ended up sitting up top in a different section. After the game we headed home stopping at IHOP for midnight pancakes before heading home! Here are some pictures from our adventure.

Up front
Crew in the back!
About to go inside
Madi and I :)
In the stands! (My Photography)
In the stands again!
Thats it for now! Ill keep everyone updated when we get closer to Wizard of OZ!

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

One Act Plays and some Snow!

Wow! Its February already! Time seems to be flying bye! I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while, I had one been quite busy and two didn't want to just do a short post and not have anything in it and so here I am. I'm not sure if it was mentioned in my last post but I ended up being part of a One Act Play in out Student Directed One Act Festival at school, and I had so much fun! I was in the play Imperfect Proposal. A comedy about a man trying to propose to his girlfriend and getting interrupted by many people, while learning about his girlfriend and himself on the way. I had a wonderful time meeting new people and getting to know the few I knew already!
At Applebees for cast bonding dinner!

After our final dress rehearsal!
We have also had a little bit of snow and ice! Something we dont get in Auckland! So I took some pictures of the dude clearing out street!

Well thats all for now folks! Ill keep you posted, next challenge The Wizard of OZ!

Monday, 2 January 2012

Christmas, Road Trip and 2012!

Hey yall and welcome to 2012 and my first post of the new year! So first a little sports news after the 6 games before Christmas out basketball team is now 5-1 (wins-losses) so looking to be a great season! Here are some photos!

They show a little of the school spirit over here which is super fun and nothing like school sports back in New Zealand!

Now onto Christmas. Unfortunately I didnt get the white Christmas like I was hoping for but it was still pretty cold! So I started Christmas day off finishing off my pavlova which I feel was a success, bringing my kiwi touch to Christmas in America!
Marc also added his Swiss touch to Christmas making Cheese Fondu

During the day Jim and Debbies kids and grandkids were over which was fun, having the little kids around really made it feel like Christmas! Here are some more pictures of the day :)
Tree and Presents

Even Abby got in the Christmas Spirit with her bows

Tyler and Kenzie
On Boxing Day (26th) we packed our car and left for our family trip to South Dakota. On our first day of travel we went through the 'I' states, Indiana, Illinois and just into Iowa where we stayed the night just after around six hours of travel. Day two lead us across Iowa and Minnesota and into South Dakota where we were spending our trip visiting Jims family and where hes from.  Here are some pictures from the trip.
Somewhere in Indiana

Kinda in the middle of nowhere

South Dakota

Farm Jim grew up on

Humboldl, a city near where Jim is from. Population.... 521
Buffalo Ridge, SD

Sioux Falls, all lit up from Christmas
After a few days in South Dakota it was time to go home and we set off on our long drive home. Getting home on New Years eve we arrived just in time to watch UC (University of Cincinnati) play in their Bowl Game which they won! The we all decided to stay in and chill.

Now Im back to school, still waiting to find out about the musical and for a cast list to be posted. Happy New Year everyone ill post soon :)