Friday, 11 November 2011

Northern Ohio :)

So in the first week of November we as a family ventured up to Northern Ohio to go to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton and on the way back we spent the night in Mansfield which is Debbies home town.

Our Friday started with some packing, we then dropped Abby(our new dog) off to where she would be spending the weekend and then we headed onto the road. The drive wasn't to long, only about four hours and it was cool to pass by the Amish horse and carts! Once we got to Canto we checked in to where we would be staying and the headed on to one of my now favorite places to eat! Roadhouse Brown Derby! Unfortunately they only have them in northern Ohio. The meals were huge, and when I say huge I mean huge! The sweet potatoes were like the size of our heads! Sadly no one took their cameras so your just going to have to take me word for it ok!

Next morning was Hall of Fame day! It was such a cool place and really interesting. Ive been loving playing Football and watching every weekend so seeing all the history was cool. Its a hard place to explain so ill just post some pictures for y'all.
Family Pic :)

Helmets. Sorry its sideways!
After we finished looking around the Hall of Fame jumped back in the car and headed on our way to Mansfield. Once we got there we had dinner at a Sub and Pizza place Debbie has been going to since she lived in Mansfield! The Subs were great.  On the way to Mansfield we stopped at Malabar Farm, which was a nice little place with some animals and building to look around at. Again it is photo time.
US and Ohio Flags

Gofer. Its real!
Marc and his buddies!
Malabar Farm House
On our way home we made a stop to pay our respects to Debbies late father. It was lovely to see where she is from and where she grew up. It was a great weekend and we had so much fun! Big thanks to Jim and Debbie!

Football season is all over now, we have the end of season ceremony on Tuesday so I will write and end of Football post after that.