Sunday, 9 October 2011

Spirit Week and Homecoming!

Homecoming is a big event on the school calender. It involves Spirit Week where each day is themed and people dress up accordingly, a football game where the Homecoming Queen is announced and a dance. This year the Spirit Week days were Marathon, Elderly, Amurica, Neon and Fairfield Spirit.

Marathon Monday... wear your best running attire! Unfortunately I didnt take photos on Monday.
Elderly Tuesday... a days its ok to wear your grandparents clothing. It was so funny but I had nothing to wear.
Amurica Wedensday... wear your red, white and blue, cammo and nascar shirts.
Neon Thursday... wear your brightest cloths!
Fairfield Friday... wear your red and white. The halls were also decorated today which was really cool!

Friday Night was our Homecoming game... unfortunately we didnt come away with the result we wanted :(

Saturday was the big day... The Homecoming Dance! My day started with our JV football game which we WON 20-14! While we were playing all the girls were getting their hair and nails done. At around 5 we all met at Tawny's to go and take pictures before we went out to eat.

Our Group :)
Lexie, Twany, Christian and I
My beautiful date Lexie and I

After photos we went out for dinner and then went onto the dance :) It was a great week finishing with a great night!

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