Tuesday, 23 August 2011

First Day at Fairfield!

Just had my first day at my new high school, Fairfield High School. Overall the day went well!!!!

Started with a homeroom, followed my schedule to find actually I was in the wrong place so I had to go up to the cafeteria and find out where I was supposed to go! Once I actually got to where I was supposed to go I got settled in and homeroom went pretty well!

First period was Behavioral Studies, I made it to my class without trouble! :) Second I had Street Law again I found the class pretty easily and had fun. My teacher seems really funny! Third was American Government which is a class required by EF. I think it will be really interesting though, we dont learn anything like that in New Zealand. Fourth was Cooking for Healthy Living 1 which I;m excited about, I never got to take food tech at Westlake. Fifth period is the lunch period, its extra long and split into three parts. I have first lunch which means I go straight to lunch and have class after. After lunch is Speech and Script Analysis. I have Script Analysis for the first semester which has been really cool so far! Sixth I have Algebra 2B which is math, and seventh, yes seventh we have seven periods I have Anatomy and Physiology.

Only got lost once today which was great, so I think I'm set for a great year!

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