Saturday, 23 July 2011

Flying and Boston Excursion.

Finally made it to the USA after almost 40 hours of traveling! We had to be at Auckland airport at 10am on the 20th, and we left New Zealand just after 1pm. After a long 12 hour flight we made it to LA only for a few of the Kiwis got stuck at customs. However after a wait everything was sorted and we were ready to board our internal flights. A few hours later and we were on our flight to Atlanta, GA which took about 4.5 hours. By the time we landed we were all pretty much over flying but we had to board another plane to get us to Providence, RI, but we had to keep waiting as our flight was delayed! Once aboard we had a 2 hour flight that arrived at around 1am. Late I know! We were greeted by Camp staff and a couple of returnees who helped us get all our stuff and showed us to the bus which would take us to Bryant University. By the time we got to Bryant and got to our rooms it was 2am and I was so ready for bed!

After a 48 hour Wednesday I needed a good nights sleep which I kinda got... We had breakfast the next morning at 8am so we had time to get ready for classes that started at 10am. First I went to Homeroom with Donna who also teaches my current issues class. Then we moved rooms and had Bob for Life in America. After lunch we had english with Marla and we ended the day with America History taught by Jodie. After meeting people from Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and so many more places, and having class all day I was ready for dinner and to chill out! I ended up playing some football (American) and then heading back to my room for a good nights sleep before our day in Boston!

Our day trip to Boston started at about 7.20am. We had a early breakfast to get to the buses by 8.30am to leave by 9am. Once we got to the city all the Kiwis decided to spend the day together along with out adopted Kiwi Louise (from Denmark).

This is most of us chilling at Harvard.

We started the day by taking the subway up to Harvard. Firstly we went to the Harvard Bookstore where I got a Harvard t-shirt and pin. Then we had a look around a few more shops before heading into the University. We had a look at the statue of "John Harvard" and got photos in front of it. This is mine.

And I also ended up doing some tumbling to!

After everyone was done there we got back on the subway for another fun ride!

Once back in the center of Boston we headed for the Boston Garden... Its not a real garden, its the stadium the Celtics play at. After a long walk we finally got there. The place was huge!

Finally we took a couple photos in front of the statue outside and then we headed of to McDonald's for dinner and then back onto the bus to go back to Bryant.

It was a great day! I have one week left of camp and then Ill be off to my host family! Im so excited! Ill post again soon :)

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