Sunday, 31 July 2011

Bryant Camp and Arriving in Ohio

After all the flying we arrived at camp at around 2am so everyone pretty much went straight to be as we had to get up the next morning for classes. Each day of camp we had four classes and an AM and PM homeroom. My class was Kennedy East, part of Kennedy High School. We started the day with homeroom with Donna who was also our Current Issues teacher.
This is Donna and I on the last day of camp. After Current Issues we went to Life in America with Bob. Below is Bob and I on the last day of camp.
After Life in America we had lunch. Which was the same thing everyday... Pizza, Pasta or Burgers. You could have any combination you like. By the end of camp I was pretty bored with all these foods. When lunch was over we had English with Marla.
This is Marla and I on the day of camp. After English we had History with Jodie. I found this class the hardest because I had never learnt about American History before. This is Jodie and I ...
After History we had Homeroom again until 3.30pm. In the afternoon we had a range of activities to chose from that we could take part in. Some activities I did were Volleyball, American Football, Cheerleading, Basketball and Swimming, and they were just a few of the activities we could do. At 5pm the first set of activities finished and we went to dinner and guess what we had every night... Pizza, pasta and burgers yet again! We then had a second set of activities once dinner was over.

Over the 10 days I was at camp we had a few different excursions including a day in Boston, MA a night skating at United Skates of America and a day in Newport, RI. I wrote about Boston last post so lets start with skating. It was the first time I had skated on rollerskates normally I use inline skates and I had so much fun! When we got to skating we got our skates on and got straight into it!
I had a blast, especially since i had been on any type of skates in such a long time. Above is some pictures of the rink and below is me skating.
Newport was also another fun day! Spent the morning sight seen for the water as we sailed on a yacht. It was really fun spending the morning with some of the kiwi's and some of the returnees. After sailing I spent the afternoon with Vinnie and his Norwegian friend. We then caught up with our Aussie friends Sam and Josh and got some Ben and Jerry's ice-cream.
I had an amazing time at camp and met some amazing people! Hopefully ill be able to go back next year as a returnee!

After a long last day of camp classes, the yearbook presentation and the dance I didnt get any sleep as I had to check out of camp at 1.15am and the bus left at 2.15am. Once at the airport we had to wait for the check in counters to open before we could get our boarding passes and head on through security. My flight left at 6am so after a bit of waiting we finally boarded and got into the air. I slept through the entire flight which was amazing and only woke up just as we landed!

Finally I was in Ohio!!!! Debbie, Jim and Tyler were waiting at the airport for me with balloons. We went to the airport for an America Breakfast straight from the airport, then headed home for a well needed rest.

My exchange so far has been great and I cant wait to start school and have an amazing year!

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