Friday, 9 December 2011

December Already!!! Thanksgiving and our Christmas Tree

So I just realised it is already December and I have yet to post an update since like the begging of November. So, we are now really getting into the holiday season with Thanksgiving having past and Christmas creeping up quickly!

Thanksgiving is a truly amazing holiday and I have decided I am bring it back to New Zealand! Not only the meaning behind it is cool but what beats lots of food and football! I think I ate enough food in that one day then the rest of the week! It was a fun day spending time with not only Jim, Debbie and Marc but the extended family as well! and just to let y'all know we still have turkey in the fridge! Im starting to think I will be taking turkey sandwiches to school until Winter Break!

With Christmas coming up we went to the tree farm to pick out our tree, even with the possibility of rain! (which we just missed). After looking at many different trees we found ours!
Now its really starting to feel like Christmas as the Tree and house are starting to get decorated!

It is also now Basketball season! and I am proud to say I have been the all three of the games so far and have had so much fun! More pictures to come! Our Student Section gets pretty live!

Happy Holidays everyone! Ill update again soon :)

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